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Dan Lessmann

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Landscape Photography


"Sometimes I do get to places just when

God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."

--Ansel Adams

We live in a truly beautiful world and capturing scenes of that world is one of my most favorite types of photography.   These are some of my favorite landscape shots.  I hope you enjoy them!

After the Rains, 11/26/2004

We'll Keep the Light On, 9/28/2004

Mount Scott Cedars, 6/28/2003

Windblown Cedars, 6/28/2003

Day's End, 3/7/2004

Cedar Creek Tributary, 3/8/2004

Rio Grande, 9/6/2003

Jawbone Mountain, 9/7/2003
Cloud Fall II, 9/8/2003 Thunderstorms at Sunset, 9/8/2003
High Desert on Highway 84, 9/7/2003 El Barro Peaks, 9/7/2003
Waiting For Spring, 3/31/2003 Mesa Colors, 10/7/2005
Wind Technology, Old and New, 4/25/2004 Just Missed!, 5/29/2004
In Winter's Grip, 1/6/2005 Last of the Oak Leaves, 11/26/2004
Fade to Violet, 10/17/2004 Out Late, 4/1/2005
Granite Overlook, 6/29/2003 Down the Divide, 8/31/2003
Seen Better Days, 10/4/2005 Sun Dapples, 3/6/2004
High Country Summer, 8/31/2003 Cedar Creek, 3/6/2004
Remembrance, 11/27/2005 Myriad Garden Colors, 11/27/2005
Self Reflection, 11/27/2005 Park and Robinson (Line Art), 11/27/2005
Petit Jean Collage, 3/5/2004 Rio Grande Gorge, 8/30/2003
Late Afternoon at Myriad Gardens, 11/27/2005 Myriad Garden Path, 11/27/2005
9:03 Gate, 11/27/2005 The Fence, 11/27/2005

Out With a Splash, 11/26/2004

Fall Color 2006, 11/17/2006
Light Waves, 9/10/2007 Overcast Reflections, 9/10/2007
Lake Hefner Sunset, 10/27/2007

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