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Out With a Splash


Click image for larger version.


This shot is of a few branches of a Gingko tree in my front yard.  Each fall, this tree turns a brilliant yellow shortly after the resident oak trees have dropped their leaves.  Just dazzling in the morning light! 


This was the first light of the Sigma 135-400 APO telephoto lens and I'm pleased with it for daylight work although it's a bit heavy and most definitely needs some sticks under it to stabilize things.  But, if you click the image and look at the full scale, you'll find it's nice and sharp edge to edge.  A nice piece of glass for the money.


Date:  11/26/2004

Location:  Home

Camera:  Canon EOS 20D

Lens:  Sigma 135-400 APO

Tv: 1/400

Av: f/7.1

ISO: 100

Post Processing: Photoshop

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