Catching Light

Photography by

Dan Lessmann

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Up Close


"There are always two people in every picture;

the photographer and the viewer.

--Ansel Adams

Here are a few of my favorite shots at shorter focal lengths.

Flowers and Blossoms    Portraits and Critters   Textures   Still Lifes   Other Nature Shots


Flowers and Blossoms

Nesting Blossoms, 9/10/2007

Daisy on Black, 9/10/2007

Thistle and Friend, 6/28/2003

Pear Blossoms, 3/17/2003
Hidden Treasure, 4/16/2005
Pure Yellow, 10/7/2005
Just Visiting, 10/7/2005
Neon Blue, 6/29/2003
Cholla Blossoms, 10/7/2005
Spring Crocus, 3/12/2006
Red Bud, 3/12/2006

Portraits and Critters   Return to Top

Mallard Couple, 5/14/2012

Mallard Ducklings, 5/14/2012

Great Egret, 5/14/2012

Great Blue Heron, 5/14/2012

Black Crowned Night Heron, 5/14/2012

Beaver at Stinchcomb, 5/14/2012

Cat-In-a-Basket, 10/27/2006

Night Bandit, 10/25/2006

Pixel, 7/24/2006

Fallon, 3/7/2004

Cat on the Prowl, 3/12/2006

Textures  Return to Top

Camo-Bark, 9/10/2007
Granite Mosaic, 6/28/2003

Lava Lamp, 3/7/2004

Earthtones, 10/7/2005
Untitled Abstract, By Mother Nature, 10/7/2005
Competition, 3/5/2004
Oak Bark, 3/11/2003

Still Lifes  Return to Top

Candle and Pottery, 1/28/2006
Wine Glasses, 3/12/2006
See-Dee, 2/3/2007

Other Nature Shots  Return to Top

Stair Steps, 3/8/2004
Lilliput, 3/5/2004
High-Rise Balconies, 3/5/2004
Ferngully, 3/5/2004
Crunchberries, 3/5/2004
Fire Lines, 3/12/2006

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