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2007 Ice Storm

In December of 2007 Oklahoma was hit by a major ice storm.  With power out there's little to do besides keeping the wood stove stoked up.  But the camera had a fully charged battery and there were some nice shooting opportunities.  Many shot images of downed power lines and broken trees but I was after something a bit more artistic and ventured no further than my own yard for these shots.

These images were all shot from December 10th through the 12th with a Canon 200mm f/2.8 L lens on the Canon 20D.

I shot in both daylight and at night for this shoot and usually at f/2.8 to keep the depth of focus to a minimum.  The day shots were all done during cloudy conditions and with ice in the dead of winter, the colors are quite muted.  So I processed these both as color shots and as monochrome.  Personally I prefer the monochrome version of most of these as monochrome tends to lend itself more to the icy subject of these shots.  But both versions are here and I hope you enjoy them.

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Color Version

Monochrome Version

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