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Dan Lessmann

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Star Trails From Home



This is a 30 minute star trail taken from my home in west Oklahoma City toward the north.  The image on the left is the final processed image and has been heavily retouched to improve the appearance of the shot.  The image on the right is a stack only and shows the true situation of light pollution in our community.  The salmon colored sky glow in the right image is mostly light from poorly designed sodium vapor streetlights as well as light pollution from other light sources.  Such light sources not only destroy our view of the night sky, they also cost us all millions of dollars in wasted electrical power each year.


Sensible lighting practices just make good sense.  Our lighting should light the ground, not the sky!


Date:  6/22/2005

Location:  My Home, Oklahoma City, OK

Telescope:  None

Camera:  Canon 20D, 18-55 Telephoto @ f/4.5, ISO 800

Exposure Count:  60 frames @ 30 seconds, total exposure 30 minutes

Guiding:  Unguided

Post Processing: Photoshop

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