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The Moon and Venus at Dawn


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On my way back from a late night (early morning) at the Cheddar Ranch Observatory, I was treated to a lovely rise of Venus and the moon in the early dawn glow.  This is a very old moon at about 27.8 days old and Venus was a brilliant diamond above and south.  Though tired after a night of observing and photography, the view was so beautiful that I just had to stop on the way home at Lake Overholser on the west side of OKC and shoot the scene.  Unfortunately my photograph does not do justice to this view.  It was truly beautiful!


Date:  7/23/2006

Location:  West Shore, Lake Overholser

Telescope:  Canon 18-55mm telephoto, f/5.6

Mount:  Fixed Tripod

Camera:  Canon 20D, ISO 100

Exposure Count:  1 x 2.5 seconds

Guiding:  N/A

Post Processing:

Photoshop CS2:  Levels, curves, color saturation, crop

NeatImage:  Noise reduction

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