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Dan Lessmann

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This is the open cluster M38 in the constellation of Auriga.  This relatively loose and large open cluster has about 100 member stars and is about 4,200 light years distant.


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Date:  12/22/2006

Location:  Cheddar Ranch Observatory

Telescope:  LX200 10" SCT @ f/6.3

Mount:  AP-1200

Camera:  Canon 350D, Modified, Type 1

Exposure Count:  20 x 3 minutes, 60 minutes total exposure

Guiding:  Orion 80ED, ST-402, CCDOPS

Post Processing:

ImagesPlus:  Dark and flat calibration, align and combine, digital development

Photoshop CS2:  Smart sharpen, levels

NeatImage:  Noise reduction


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