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M110 is located in the constellation of Andromeda and is a satellite galaxy of M31.  M110 is the last of the objects in the Messier catalog being officially added after 1967.  Messier did not catalog this galaxy himself although there's evidence that he did observe it some 20 years prior to Caroline Herschel who is credited with the discovery.  M110 is elliptical in shape and has pronounced dust lanes just visible in this image but not visible visually.  M110, like it's parent, is about 2.5 million light years distant.


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Date:  08/02/1008

Location:  CRO

Telescope:  LX200 10" SCT @ f/6.3

Mount:  AP-1200

Camera:  Hutech Modified Canon 350D

Exposure Count:  50 x 3 minutes, 2.5 hour total exposure

Guiding:  SBIG ST-402ME, CCDSoft

Post Processing:

ImagesPlus:  Dark and flat calibration, align and combine, digital development

Photoshop CS3:  Smart sharpen, levels, curves, color saturation

NeatImage:  Noise reduction

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