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Dan Lessmann

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Heart of the Scorpion


Click image for larger version.


This image shows the central region of Scorpius.  The bright yellow star in the lower center is Antares.  The globular cluster, M4 is to the right of Antares.


Date:  6/24/2006

Location:  Cheddar Ranch Observatory

Telescope:  Canon 18-55mm, f/5

Mount:  LXD55

Camera:  Canon 20D, ISO 800

Exposure Count:  32 x 3 minutes, total exposure 96 minutes

Guiding:  None

Post Processing:

ImagesPlus - Calibration, align, combine, digital development

Photoshop CS2 - Color balance, curves

NeatImage - Noise reduction

Carboni Actions - Diffraction spikes

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